Chinese cool 中文教學podcast -第二輯.


Chinese cool 第二輯,發行...


一忙起來就忘了錄podcast 這回事 ...

早上,起個大早 整理整理稿子就開錄....

這次錄音的軟體用比較專業一點的sony vegas 來錄..





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Hi, I am YJ Lai, It’s my pressure to present you
the most useful Chinese learning materials.
Chinese cool is backing again, second episode of
Chinese cool is coming up right after this.
Music play…..

Hello, Welcome to Chinese cool 2 episode
Many foreigners in Taiwan learn Chinese by going to language center.
Maybe it was the most effective way to learn a language well .
The two most famous language centers in Taiwan are Taiwan
University and Taiwan Normal University.
Some people learn Chinese for work and some people are for fun.
However, go to school in not the only way to learn a language,
maybe have a foreign boy or girl friend is the best strategy to learn.
In today’s lesson,
we talk about the phases using in our everyday classroom.
These phases are very useful and can be used when you are in class.
All right, let’s start our lesson today.

Expression In Class 課堂用語
1. May I come in? 我能進來嗎?
2. Come in, please. 請進。
3. Sit down, please. 請坐。
4. It's time for class. 上課時間到了。
5. Open your books and turn to page 20. 打開書,翻到第20頁。
6. I'll call the roll before class. 課前我要點名。
7. Here! 到!
8. Has everybody got a sheet? 每個人都拿到講義了嗎?
9. Any different opinion? 有不同意見嗎?
10. Are you with me? 你們跟上我講的嗎?
11. Have I made myself clear? 我講得明白嗎?
12. Could you say it again? Or Pardon! 你能再說一遍嗎?
13. Any questions? 有什麼問題嗎?
14. That's all for today. 今天就講到這裡。
15. Please turn in your paper before leaving.


That’s all for today’s Chinese cool podcast,
you can use them in tomorrow morning. Hope you like it.
If you have any comment, please leave a message in my website.

In the last, I want to play a song that is recently hot
around the island, called “寶貝” Baby by 張懸.
Chinese Cool see you next time. Bye Bye


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  • ninamina
  • 幫忙標上漢語拼音 方便外國人練習^^<br />
    (有錯還請幫忙糾正^^)<br />
    ---------------------------------------<br />
    課堂用語 ke4 tang2 yong4 yu3<br />
    <br />
    1. wo3 neng2 jin4 lai2 ma1<br />
    2. qing3 jin4<br />
    3. qing3 zuo4<br />
    4. shang4 ke4 sh2 jian1 dao4 le5<br />
    5. da3 kai1 shu1,fan1 dao4 di4 er4 sh2 yi4<br />
    6. ke4 qian2 wo3 yao4 dian3 ming2 <br />
    7. dao4<br />
    8. mei3 ge5 ren2 dou1 na2 dao4 jiang3 yi4 le5 ma1<br />
    9. you3 bu4 tong2 yi4 jian4 ma1<br />
    10. ni3 men5 gen1 shang4 wo2 jiang3 de5 ma1 <br />
    11. wo2 jiang3 de5 ming2 bai2 ma1<br />
    12. ni3 neng2 zai4 shuo1 yi2 bian4 ma1<br />
    13. yo3 she2 mo5 wen4 ti2 ma1<br />
    14. jin1 tian1 jiu4 jiang3 dao4 zhe4 li3<br />
    15. qing3 zai4 li2 kai1 qian2 jiang1 lun4 wen2 ( <br />
    zuo4 ye4 ) jiao1 shang4<br />
    <br />
    寶貝 bao3 bei4 <br />
    張懸 zhang1 xuan2<br />
  • 悄悄話
  • goooolai
  • 謝謝你的附注..我沒有學漢語拼語..<br />
    有需要你的幫忙的話,再找你協助<br />